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Speech of honorable Chairman - কেরী মেমোরিয়াল হাই স্কুল
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  • Speech of honorable Chairman

    Learning is a lifelong task for everybody. Not only for children, but for people of all ages. As times change, our learning styles and methods also have to change. At Carey Memorial High School, we want to provide excellent education for the next generation.


    Since 1799, Carey Memorial High School has been a respected place of education. Rev. Dr. William Carey established the school, seeing the heartbreaking needs of young people in the rural area at that time. Now, over two hundred years later, there is still the need for good teaching and learning to adjust to the challenges of the present time.


    The Carey Memorial High School provides an excellent environment, where teachers and students can focus on learning. Our skilled teachers work hard to ensure that the students achieve great academic results. However, our vision is bigger than that. We believe education is about developing the whole person, intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially. We want to give the next generation the best possible start in their learning experience.


    We believe that this holistic approach to education uncovers the abilities of each person so that they can achieve all that the Creator made them to be. Next to the formal learning in the classroom there is also the need for the molding of culture, character and attitudes. Without the moral guidance of what is good and bad, even the best teaching is useless. We want to see our students becoming trustworthy, hardworking, and socially engaged people working for the benefit of society.


    We appreciate your interest in this wonderful school.


    It will be a pleasure to work with you in this endeavor and I look forward to further contact with you.


    May the Almighty God bless you.


    Rev. Benedikt Tschauner

    CMHS Chairman